hello everyone, its red.
i've finally adopted the wiki and tinkered with it *immensely* until i got to this format and this result and i hope most of you are happy with it! the next step however will be assigning special rights to users. admins and content moderators come way later when the wiki is much bigger or has more members. as of now the most important set of rights is 'rollbackers' or what i like to call the 'custodians.' if you don't know what they are, they essentially are able to undo edits with a click of a button and revert vandalism quickly. they're also capable of other sorts of things that have to do with editing
im only looking for 2 at the moment, and as of now ill be righting them based on who i find to be trustworthy, and with meaningful edits. heres the thing: please do not edit farm. im not going to even think about it if i see that you've basically edited a page over and over with redundant edits. if you can, please edit everything you need to at once, thank you
anyways, that's just an update! i do understand that not everyone wants to have rights, so please comment down below if you're absolutely certain that you want me to watch over your activity and that you'll be active.