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Please help?

I'm having trouble getting to the game files of the game, and I can't seem to find directions to them anywhere. So if someone could direct me, I would really appreciate it.
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Edit: I forgot to say -- .chr files are in "characters", and other created files are loose in the folder.

I assume you are running the game off of Steam, and on Win 10. If not, I can run through that at another time.

You would need to go to the Local Disk where the game is installed (C: is default for 1-drive machines). From there, double click "Program Files(x86)". It should have a Steam folder, which you double click. You should be met with a lot of folders, one called "SteamApps". Click that, then "common". It should have all of your Steam Library in there.

Wow thanks, this was really helpful, I appreciate it!
Happy to help !
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