hi so this is a little different, but recently we've added a discord and enabled the live! chat both of which seem fairly active at the moment. so as of now i'd like to right up 2 chat moderators. now honestly i want more considering timezones, availability, etc. but chat isn't *that* popular and i don't want to overdo it. if you're able to go on live!chat and discord both, that would be absolutely splendid and you'd have a better chance of being righted, but it's okay if you can only do one or the other. you can still apply. i won't be righting people who already have rollback for the sake of making balance. be sure to reread the content policy until you *fully understand* what it's telling you, and what you have to enforce. a guide on how to enforce these rules will be given to the chat moderators who are righted. simply comment below if you want to be considered, thank you