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Looking Out for Active Users for Administrators

here's the deal- this is going to take some time and people aren't going to be righted right away for unless i trust them a lot and they've done a substantial amount of help no question. but the reason why administrators are so important at the moment is preventing vandalism and blocking users for committing acts of vandalism.
usually when a page is vandalized, they are blocked from editing for *3 days*. a raid will result in a week to a month, and that's basically the gist of it.
im not putting this lightly. if you apply, i will be hardcore watching your activity and edits, to see if you're doing any suspicious behavior like edit farming
heres the requirements atm to become an administrator:
at least 1 week on the wiki
and 60+ *mainspace* edits
activity for at least 2/7 days in a week
there can be exceptions, but the chances of getting one is really really low. also please state your timezone, so we know when you're most active, thank you
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Hello. I would like to apply for the administrator status.

I have encountered a raid situation today, and I was saddened because I had to wait for Rendengo to perhaps wake up from their sleep or otherwise complete their daily tasks first as the situation continued outside of their timezone and into mine where it was happening midday.

The VSTF had to appear and help fend off the raid. That isn't usually supposed to happen. VSTF act when there is no administration to carry out blocks or otherwise too little administration at one point in time, which would be the unoccupied timezone or otherwise lack of activity from prioritizing more important IRL things.
Making me administrator will help me act more appropriately as a guardian for this wiki:

* I have a lot of experience with counter-vandalism thanks to my time on the CVN network, backed up by users RainA, StarmanW, Noreplyz, KockaAdmiralac, and so on.
* I know what to do, and with my country of residence being Australia in the AEST timezone, mostly opposite to America where the most traffic to this site originates from, I can almost guarantee I can fill the area that is unprotected.
As an administrator, I can not only protect the wiki but serve as a standard to look up upon for the sake of my peers:

* I am always one to think and act based on objectivity and will never let anything else affect how I act or make my decisions. I have testimonies by the likes of Dorumin who can confirm that I am one of the most neutral staff members on the Steven Universe Wiki, which I moderate as a patroller and chat moderator.
* I am calm, diligent, and passionate about my work and comments on the wiki, setting a precedent on how users should act to their peers and how to edit appropriately. This is evident in my discussions here: . I want only the most correct information on the wiki pages unless it is a plausible theory that spawns intelligent discussion.
I have the mindset to innovate and standardize. My activity on the wiki as of now is a small percent of what I can do as a normal user. With the rights an administrator has, I can be confident I can carry out my plans to completion:

* I can compress images already but need access to omnipresent images like the wiki background and main page to help save limited mobile data usage.
* I have plans to put plot elements (such as club president, school, etc.) onto one page but require admin or content moderator to rename the pages and handle generated redirects appropriately.
* I have a plan to create a manual of style and a moderator's guidebook to help guide the wiki and its administration to a more educated and professional future (if people want that of course. I am accepting of consensus). My first step is the current policy page being approved by Rendengo, so I'm proud of myself.
I have plenty of plans and best yet, I have the time to do them. The activity I have demonstrated on the wiki is a small percentage of what I can accomplish:

* I showcased in my earlier days on the Undertale Wiki dating back to 2016, I would be making 100+ edits per day that had my sessions span beyond 10 hours on the computer. I may not be able to reach this level on the wiki because of its few pages (which means things are done quicker), but I can guarantee my activity will be all but inadequate.
* I watch for comments to respond to and interact with along with patrolling edits so they are up-to-standard and are in good faith.
* I stay on the wiki chat to see if others will join despite most of the time not doing so because I want to be confident that I do not have a blind spot, as that is a dishonor to me and my wish to be an administrator.
I feel I am best to take on the role as an administrator, especially in this time of need where raids and vandalism are becoming frequent and face little preparation from the opposite end:

* I have expertise in counter-vandalism and chaos management. I am calm and am fueled by objectivity for the purpose of serving necessary justice and to make everyone happy.
* I have a lot to contribute to the wiki that is still in my head because I otherwise cannot execute them without Rendengo's help.
* I promise never to become inactive as I love the wiki and its community. Its generated topics are those I have genuine interest in, and I believe I have found one of the better communities on this network, so realistically, I have to give back at some point in some way, and the wiki deserves proper treatment as it documents a brilliantly innovative and insightful game that everyone should at least try.

That is all.
Hi, I would love to apply for the administrator statues
Hello! I would like to maybe be an admin. I have had quite some time on this wiki, reported a vandalism, and edited some stuff. I probably won't get this role, but i'm in Eastern Time zone. \(:D)/
I understand that I have not yet met the "60+ mainspace edits" requirement (and will accept and respect whatever the final decision may be as a result), but I am submitting this application regardless.


My name is KC. I live in the state of Texas, and, as such, my timezone is Central, which is usually UTC-6. Seeing as none of the other admins at the time of writing this are based in North America, I believe I could fill that gap. DDLC is a special interest of mine, and I love editing wikis, so I'll do anything I can to help out this place!

My experience with administrating wikis is decent (most of the wikis I administrate lack a large community, though, so I have lots of room for improvement), and I like to consider myself a perfectionist when it comes to content management. What this means is that I //will// fix any errors I see, both in grammar and accuracy, and show no little to hesitation in doing so. However, it's important to note that I rarely impose such high standards on others, especially newer users who have just arrived with the intention of genuinely helping out; in such cases, I can gladly be the honest but gentle guiding figure they need. :)

I also have experience with wiki markup, CSS (if that is ever needed), and helping others. Having been on the Wikia/FANDOM network since 2014 and grown a lot since Day 1, nothing gives me quite the same feeling of satisfaction as putting what I've learned to good use.

(As one last additional note, you may find me on the wiki's Discord as RinaVanguard#1942.)

That's about all for now. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day. ^-^
I'd like to apply, but i wont be active that often. just lazy.
Can I be it I Actully have been on multiple wikis it's my third active year (I took a break 4 years ago) and I am pretty active

I am good at keeping content good and re-wording and explaining so people can unsterstand the problems I also have great patience

I am very smart in the horror genre starting with FNaF then Bendy to HelloNighbor now to DDLC where I can name each easteregg character name and basic plot without thinking

My time zone is NY time zone (that's what my phone calls it)
(i know i did not do the mainspace thing needed to become admin i am sorry about that! at the time i made this i did not know it)hello i would like to apply for admin im very active to find secrets about the doki series and i never abuse the power im ever getting i mean how would you find someone thats LIFE is to be on fandom a lot?
my time zone is hard to eplain but housten texas (grammer mistake) could help you! my pc does not say so is hard for me to find out

i cant wait to patrol if i get the job and if i dont i understand!
Hello Redengo,

I would like to apply for administrator status, as I may be able to provide significant help to the wiki. I have acted as moderator/administrator for numerous wikis in the past, preventing edit farming and raids on said wikis. I am relatively new to this wiki, but as stated above, have an extensive amount of experience dealing with the issues that come with maintaining a Wikia page. As an Australian resident, I am in an almost opposite timezone to that of America, thus allowing me the ability to moderate server activity while many other administrators may be absent.

I will admit that many of the servers I have participated in have not had a large, or well-behaved community, so this will be a good learning experience for me, as well as allowing yourselves to benefit from the extra protection that I will provide. However, this choice is up to you, and there is no pressure for you to make a decision either way.

I consider myself extremely strict in terms of how I manage anything placed in my care. If I were to be inaugurated as an administrator, I would do all in my power to ensure that the wikia remains to the highest standard possible by restoring "raided" pages to their former states and increasing the standard of the existing pages, along with assisting in the creation of new ones.

Thank you for reading!


Wikia Username: GLaDOS2003
Timezone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) (UTC + 10)