here's the deal- this is going to take some time and people aren't going to be righted right away for unless i trust them a lot and they've done a substantial amount of help no question. but the reason why administrators are so important at the moment is preventing vandalism and blocking users for committing acts of vandalism.
usually when a page is vandalized, they are blocked from editing for *3 days*. a raid will result in a week to a month, and that's basically the gist of it.
im not putting this lightly. if you apply, i will be hardcore watching your activity and edits, to see if you're doing any suspicious behavior like edit farming
heres the requirements atm to become an administrator:
at least 1 week on the wiki
and 60+ *mainspace* edits
activity for at least 2/7 days in a week
there can be exceptions, but the chances of getting one is really really low. also please state your timezone, so we know when you're most active, thank you