[If you mind spoilers, then scroll away.]

Yey 2018! So recently I went over the project libitina website and I also strongly believe MatPat's theory of Yuri being Libitina but also to add that notice in the website of project libitina the quote that says about Libitina not recovering anytime soon because of XXXXXX's termination. I was thinking that the XXXXXX is Elyssa and Yuri/Libitina is somehow connected to Elyssa. Mother? Who knows! She was just 3 years old at the time and should have parents right? And that the termination of Elyssa could've affected her a lot as a child right? Anyways just adding in 'cuz I noticed something that could be added in MatPat's theory. Lemme know about your opinions in this.
-Captain Pitzza out