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Monika in the Poem

It was just me or someone else at the time of making the poem, have a Yuri, Natsuki and Monika, not mine did not appear to Sayori at the time of the poem in the first act.
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Monika appeared in the poem in the first act, it was Natsuki, Monika and Yuri, but the normal one is Natsuki, Yuri and Sayori.
Wuuut? Impossibru.
Samwan pls explain y dis happened to u...
It is true, the first act was not Sayori who appeared in the poem,
but Monika, Yuri and Natsuki. I thought it was strange when I saw it was Sayori and not Monika.
Excuse my English, I do not speak English very well.
The chibi has a ribbon tied to her hair right???
I was sure when I saw Monika's chibi. It appears in the poem in the first and second acts.
I see. Did you already delete Sayori or mess with the game files or is this your 2nd/3rd game? Or it's your first time?
It was the first time I played, and it appeared to Monika, and I thought it was normal to be Monika and not Sayori, and I did not delete anything.
ALRIGHT! To settle this once and for all... You experience I believe is normal. Remember that DDLC is like Undertale in some ways that every copy of the game is unique and has its own unique events. Not that different from the others though but just a little. I also had a friend who experienced the same things. So I think it's just normal, or atleast, not gamebreaking normal.
I thought it was normal for Monika to appear in the poem and not Sayori, and because of that I did not take a printscreen.
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