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[SPOILER] MONIKA IS AN AT******** **V***?

[If you mind spoilers, please scroll away.]

What if Monika really just wants everyone to be happy? I mean all the advice she gives is valid, such as making sayori love you might get her killed, and if you ignore her warning on staying away from yuri she kills herself, so what if Monika is just a psychic and she know what is going to happen and shes really just trying to watch out for everyone while at the same time trying to get you to like her and forget the others?
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Uhh yeahh... she does... just watch Game Theory and you'll understand. Or atleast understand what I believe.
Also Monika left a message in her chr. file that says something about the new game and her trying to save the others.
That message she leaves is an after thought and also lol i was litterally just going to check game theory
Hello internet, and welcome to theory club (oh shit)
Welcome to the club wolf. ;)
Just Pitzzadude ok?
Monika's greedy for love

this is how I feel when I'm beside Monika in ddlc P.S on 🔨side
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