[If you mind spoilers, please scroll away]

Yuri is also known as an anime or manga when two women are in love, or two women in a relationship. Which made me start to think about Yuri not actually loving the protagonist. I thought hard and deep about this topic and it made me wonder if Yuri is crushing on another women in the club or even in another game. I watched The Game Theorists video (Link would not show up) about the Doki Doki club members being in another game that Dan Salvato made and is coming out later this year. In the video it discusses that Doki Doki Literature Club was made for clues for the real big game that is coming out soon after this game. Yuri will be the villain of the game and will be causing issues. We all now that Yuri is clearly obsessed with death and blood and strange things... If that theory is true Monika would be the protagonist and you would be her character. Technology in my opinion Monika is not the true evil one. She was doing everything for love and did everything she could to save her relationship of you and her. In the end of the game I received, Monika felt bad and re-added the characters (Like in most endings) Sayori became the new Monika and was self aware. She deleted other files but not the characters. Then Monika came and told me that we could not be happy then she deleted everyone's file to save me. Anyway... We do not know much on the game coming out soon but we do know that is about the book Yuri lets you read in Doki Doki. The plot of the book is the plot of the new game. Which is a clever insert and teaser but could it be more? Yuri is the evil girl that is behind the cult and such when Monika gets attacked by Yuri's gang of people that escaped from tests. Morbid story but lets move on. Why would Monika be chosen to be attacked? She saw to much? Did her dad do something to Yuri? Did Yuri see Monika and want her to be in your cult? I thing that is the answer. Monika is a strong and smart girl and is also gorgeous. Yuri has a Yuri for Monika? Is that why she joined the club? Not just for reading? Please reply and give me any answers.