{If you mind spoilers, please turn away}

Does anyone else think it is weird that Natsuki is the only character who doesn't kill herself? (I'm not counting her neck snap, she was perfectly fine after that) I think there may be more to this then meets the eye.

It is evident Monika can mess with her (per the realistic mouth, black pixel eyes, and neck snap). However, she can not physically amplify anything about Natsuki herself like she did with both Yuri and Sayori. She could only possibly ruin her relation ship with her dad, and even there we are not sure.

Is Natsuki more then just a cute tsundere? Do these possible immunities allude to the fact Natsuki could stop Monika?

Let's just say Monika did not delete Natsuki in the bridge between Act 2 and 3. Do you think if she had not just deleted Natsuki out right that she would be able to give her a dislikeable trait.?

Using that same analogy, couldn't that give Monika a route if there was a Natsuki and Monika only Act? Otherwise, it would be JUST NATSUKI.

So, what do you lovely people think?