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Club President is a title used in Doki Doki Literature Club! given to the leader of a club.

Club President is the highest title in a club, with the second-highest, Vice-President, being the only other title. The existence of other titles in different clubs is unknown.

Presidents of the Literature Club

Act 1

Act 2

  • Monika

Act 3

  • Monika

Act 4

Monika was also the leader of the Debate Club before leaving it to start the Literature Club.

Known Abilities

See also: Monika#Abilities

  • Whoever yields the Club President title realizes that they're in a game.
    • Monika realizes that she is in a game and can manipulate the game's files.
    • When you delete Monika's character file at the beginning of the game, Sayori obtains the role of Club President and appears to realize that she is in a game, causing her to force-quit the game and delete everyone, including herself. Upon restarting the game a screen with Sayori hanging herself is shown instead of the usual menu screen. After 10 minutes the text "Now everyone can be happy" will appear.
  • The Club President can manipulate character files and the game itself.
    • This is done by Monika to make the other characters seem very unlikeable in order to get the player's attention.